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Assistance for Portuguese Speakers in the United Kingdom

At JM Services I ensure all Portuguese speakers have a friendly face to help them!

Portuguese Aid Services: Welcome

Portuguese Aid Services

Assistance for Portuguese Speakers in the UK

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Portuguese Legal Aid

As someone with qualifications in both 
Constitutional and Basic Criminal Law in Brazil, I can offer my advice and aid regarding issues with the law. Whether it's misunderstandings, issues with visas or anything else, I can help your situation.

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Email and Letter Writing

Whether it's a letter to a landlord or an email to a company, I understand how difficult it can be to write or type a formal letter in a second language. That's why I provide my linguistic skills to effectively transfer your intentions into clear and effective writing.

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Whilst living in the United Kingdom you will encounter situations where you are forced to read and comprehend large amounts of English. If you have recently arrived in the country, this can be difficult and sometimes lead to negative repercussions (i.e not understanding a letter from the government or landlord). That is why I offer my linguistic skills to any fellow Portuguese speakers. I can effectively translate these pieces of text and ensure you understand them. This not only helps you comprehend the nature of the text but will help develop your English skills for future use.


And More

At JM services, I offer a comprehensive range of ways to help Portuguese Speakers living in the United Kingdom. This can be arranging transport to and from Portugal or anything else that you may be struggling with. Navigating the UK with a limited amount of English can be very difficult, and that's why I'm here to help!

Portuguese Aid Services: Services

Are you a Portuguese speaker living in the United Kingdom? Are you struggling to navigate life using a second language? Then get in contact with me by using the contact form below! I offer assistance to Portuguese speakers across the UK!

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Contact Us

07341 488472

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